Monday, July 20, 2009

This Week in Law School: Schedules

Apparently, SLU Law divides its class into sections and gives each section its own schedule. Hubs was assigned section D. And it sucks.

He's got Legal Research and Writing every M-W-F at 8 am. The other icky part? He has every single one of his five classes on Mondays. Basically, he'll be in class all day on Monday. But the schedule is ok overall. It'll give him time to do his work study job at the International Center answering e-mails, plus time to hang out and study in the library.

We're thinking of taking the plunge and actually carpooling. It'll save some gas, and we get to spend 15-20 minutes together each way! He'll be so busy with studying that it may be the only time we get to see each other. I'm kind of excited about that one.

News will be forthcoming about where we'll be living come January - we're looking at condos both in the north and southern counties around St. Louis. We've only been out twice, but we already have narrowed down the options. I know we'll just find the perfect one soon. There isn't any rush, but I'm anxious to pick a place! I'm always like this when we move.

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