Monday, December 14, 2009

Fresh flowers.. err.. wreath this month

We stopped by Ted Drewes on Sunday …

and picked up this great pine wreath for the front door.

This is a St. Louis tradition – grab your real tree and a frozen custard. It was so cold that we just got our wreath and avoided the lines at the custard stand.

Husband and I had such fun picking this one out (even though it’s more money than I wanted to spend; whoops!).

The neat thing is I can take the decorations off and use them again next year. And it just makes me smile when I pull up to the townhouse and see this gorgeous wreath hanging on my door.

This satisfies month one of my monthly flower rule! Um, sort of.. right?


  1. I love Chrismas stuff. Seeing lights and wreaths and such just makes me smile too!

  2. I love real wreaths-so pretty! It makes me happy to pull up to my house and see my red wreath on my front door too! There's just something about all the holiday decorations and this time of year that puts me in a good mood :)