Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter is a time for hoping I don't fall down in front of the congregation!

This weekend, I got a phone call from the lector program coordinator at our new parish. I've not been added to the rotating schedule as of yet because I signed up right as they were publishing the March and April schedules. I won't be able to lector there until May. But the coordinator called me out of the blue on Saturday and asked if I was attending the Easter Vigil.

To be honest, I've never been a fan of the Triduum. For Catholics, this means four services in as many days, including a two hour service on Holy Saturday for the Easter Vigil. I know that to many other faiths, this doesn't seem like a lot. But those who are used to a service that lasts ONE HOUR TO THE SECOND each Sunday, it asks a lot.

But it should ask a lot of us. The Easter season is the most important time in the Catholic calendar. What more could we ask for our Savior than to lay down his life for us?

So really, I should just get over myself. A friend asked me to attend Holy Thursday services with her and so I'm going, even though I've never been before. And I'll also be attending the Easter Vigil service at my new parish. Because I was asked to lector.

Yup - it'll be a baptism by fire. I don't even quite know where to stand [although I watched them REALLY carefully this Sunday] or how loud to speak into the microphone to be heard BUT nevertheless - I'll be reading part of the Genesis story on Saturday night. She wanted someone who could proclaim well, because it's such an important reading at an important service. I was honored.

I'm also really excited to be a part of the Vigil that will bring in new members to the Church. I remember my confirmation when I was inducted as an adult and it was a really special day.

I just hope I don't blow it.


  1. You want to know what is funny- I felt at home reading this post. While I am not Catholic, I am Lutheran, and boy do we like our back-to-back church services. I am a pastor's daughter, so I have had my fair share. You won't blow it. The divine power of God always comes through. :) You will be a blessings in ways you probably will never see.

  2. Aw, Beth, thank you! I know that all will be well and I'm glad to be a part of the service. Thanks!

  3. You are going to do great! The words you'll be reading are already filled with such joy and hope... I am sure you will simply give them life.

    What a wonderful way to honor your beliefs!

  4. wow thats certainly a lot of church! But very good of you! :) enjoy! ;)

  5. I hear ya on the back to back services. This is probably bad, but I tend to be an anti-CEO. You know the Christmas, Easter, and One other mass catholics? Well I'm the every day BUT Christmas, Easter, and one other mass. With three small kids, huge crowds, and no child care on the major mass days, I feel like I just don't get out of it what I should. Say a prayer for me when you're there. I'm sure I need it. :)