Monday, March 15, 2010

Mt Laundry has been conquered!

Mt Laundry by photobucket gdemillo

Mt. Laundry – but NOT mine, I promise!

This is my one day off this week, away from the theatre.

So this afternoon, I wrote down a big long list of “to do’s” – sort of a honey-do list for myself. There are SO many thing that need to get done, and tonight was the night. If it didn’t get done tonight, it wasn’t happening until Saturday. We’re going into technical rehearsals which means we get to the theatre before 7 pm and stay until we’ve run the show in its entirety. The show is running around three hours so yeah, it’ll be a late night every night.

On the way home, I called Husband as I always do, to see what’s up and what we’ll make for dinner. He told me that we should go to the gym. After some protesting, I figured we should – I haven’t been in MONTHS and if he wanted to go, then I would love the company!

So that pushed back the “to do’s” about 45 minutes.

But still… Mt. Laundry has been tackled. The last load is in the dryer now and what’s better? The other clean loads have been folded and put away! All that’s left is the last load to fold and put away and convince Husband to do the same with his set of clothes before going to bed.

Oh yeah – the rest of that “honey do” list?

It so ain’t happening. I’ve got to give my DVR some quality time.


  1. Wow - that could be a picture from our laundry room! I don't know why we let it pile up to Mt. Everest proportions... But we do.

    Glad you conquered it!

  2. I make myself tons of to do lists all the time-it seems like only 10% or so gets accomplished on a regular basis, but I could truly spend 100% of my time being productive-something we all just need to relax and watch the DVR!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I just hope I can keep it conquered. :)

  4. It feels so good when that stack of laundry goes down..although I hate to fold and put it away!

  5. I really hate the whole folding and putting away. I wish there was a robot to do that for me.