Sunday, March 28, 2010

Noises Off, RIP

My show officially closed today.

We auditioned for the show in December and the cast for their script before Christmas. Rehearsals started in January, we started performing two weeks ago, and strike took five hours. [I called four hours and fifteen minutes, but didn’t account for painting the floor back to black!]

We started with this…

Noises Off 2010 020 

And made a plan to do this…

NoisesOff build 1

And then added this…

NoisesOff build 2

Put up a backstage wall…

NoisesOff build backstage

We finished up with some paint…

Noises Off 2010 003

And added actors on a finished set.

Noises Off 2010 001

With huge audiences, it was an amazing run.

Noises Off 2010 014 “Just get through for doors and sardines, alright?”

The theatre was able to pay for all the expenses and then some. We’ll start the next show off on a good financial footing.

Noises Off 2010 009Bernadette, our dear, my favorite part of the set

But more than that, we created something special during this run. The show as its written is funny, but when you add in a director with a vision, actors with impeccable comedic timing and a fantastic technical crew with the ability to add the finishing touch, what you get is simply magical.

It’s why I do theatre – productions like these. Granted, I’m glad to see it close so I can get my evenings back, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back – and soon. :)

For the last time on this production, “And, curtain.”


  1. The set turned out awesome!! I'm sure the show was just as great!

  2. One of my favorite shows! As an old Thespian, I can understand the draw of the boards. Hello from Lady Bloggers Society! It's a great life and I can't think of when I haven't enjoyed performing but I've learned to space out my productions so that I can have a well-rounded life. It's the best of both worlds. Come visit when you can.

  3. Hi Sharlene! Thanks for visiting! :) You're so right - spacing them out makes me yearn to be back but I get more out of that way.

  4. That sounded amazing! The set looked incredible. I can't wait to hear about the next one!

  5. Thanks so much Kelly! We had a blast. :) I can't wait to take up the next one for a while - gotta spend some downtime. But I'll definitely be documenting that one, too!