Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Things I Do Every Day Without Fail

In no particular order... [except for the first one. That one is pretty much number one.]
  1. Kiss my husband. He's pretty amazing at this. :) I make a point to do it AT LEAST once a day.
  2. Check Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Hit the snooze button. I don't mean to, but sometimes I can't help myself.
I'm at the theatre for another performance this evening... it's consumed me again. I love it but I'll be glad when this set comes down tomorrow afternoon. It's time for it to go.


  1. Very cute! :) Are you addicted to facebook? I used to think I was until I started to commute. Now, I have friends saying, "Is it just me, or are you not on all the time?" Lol. I kiss my hubby for sure, no-fail before bed. Sometimes that means in the middle of the night when he has stumbled in from the library... but oh how amazing it is. :) Best to the closing of your show! :)

  2. I obsessively check Facebook. Thank goodness for my iPhone. :)

    Oh yeah, kissing husband happens at the oddest time, but sometimes that's the only contact we have during a 24 hour period! We're going into prepping for finals so I'm expecting a lot of late night fly-bys.