Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giving is Easy!

Hunger Site logo

Have you heard of the Hunger Site?

I’ve been clicking away on this site every day for years. By visiting the home page and clicking a few links, the sponsors then donate food, free books for kids and free mammograms to those in need. If you shop in the store, you can have even more donated.

This is the absolute first site I go to every day – it’s easy to do first thing in the morning while my email is booting up. Easy and it helps something people in need – and that’s awesome!

So by 8:45 am every morning, I have donated free food, free mammograms, free food and care for animals, free meals for veterans, free child healthcare, free books for children in need and funded vital wildlife habitat.

Now that’s a way to be productive at the start of the day. :)

[This is not a compensated post – all opinions are my own.]


  1. Awesome! I have never heard of this site, but I love a way to help that is free to me. Have you ever checked our freerice.com? It's a way of donating food while playing a free vocab game.

  2. I haven't heard of this site before, but I just clicked :)