Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The World for a Good Cause

Ok, so you know I’m a Disney freak, right? By the way, it’s only 183 days until I’m back in the World. :) Just thought I’d mention that again.

You might also remember that I listen to a bunch of podcasts, Disney related ones among them.

I was working my way through some of those podcasts the other day when one of them mentioned the Power of 10 project.


According to their website,

The Power of 10: Give Kids the World $1 Million Challenge is the combined effort of a group of passionate Disney enthusiasts using the internet as a means to help raise money for Give Kids the World. We are looking to find 10,000 people who are willing to commit to asking 10 friends to donate $10.

I thought this was such a neat idea!

I’ve donated my $10 and now I’m hoping you all will do the same. Give Kids the World is a great organization that brings children to Walt Disney World and gives them and their families the trip of a lifetime. It distracts them from the illnesses that they suffer from and brings them a huge dose of magic and pixie dust.

If I had a sick child and couldn’t afford to give him or her a magical family trip (one that might be our last as a family), I can’t imagine how much I would appreciate a service like the one Give Kids the World could offer.

There are a few ways to donate:

1. You can visit our page and make a donation of any amount.
2. You can also text the word DISGKTW to 50555 and $10 will be charged to your cellular telephone account with the money sent directly to Give Kids the World via
3. You can also send donations directly to Give Kids the World via mail. Send your donations to:
Give Kids the World
Power of 10 $1 Million Challenge
210 South Bass Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

So far, they have raised over $9,000 to date. But seriously – it’s only $10. What’s the harm in that? It won’t hurt your pocketbook – and can only serve to help out some needy kids. And that’s a good thing, right?

[I have no affiliation with the Power of 10 or Give Kids the World. I just think they’re awesome.]


  1. Wow! What a great cause!!! And I forgot how much you love Disney! My friend, Tiffany, just got on blogger and is a DISNEY FANATIC. She blogs about it all the time. She's in my side links! :)

  2. That's such a great idea!! I'm going to pass along to my BIL who works for Disney to see if he knows anyone who could help them!