Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spending Saturday Night on the Town

My brother was in town over the weekend, interviewing for a big scholarship to SLU Law. We hope to find out shortly whether or not he got said scholarship (so if you’re the praying kind, please throw a thought his way!).

That night, there was a fundraiser auction for the Public Interest Law Group for SLU (PILG). Hence, we got all gussied up for the evening:

2011 PILG

Doesn’t Husband look adorable? I think I’ll keep him. :)

That purple dress is my new favorite piece of clothing – it’s a Tahari silk dress and is SO comfy. I can wear a normal bra (always a plus) and I can sit appropriately at a table (also good) and dance the night away at the after party (just awesome). Even better, Mom and I found it on sale at Nordstrom’s Rack and she decided I had to have it!

I must admit that taking my brother with me to an event like this, and asking him to get me a refill of Riesling, it’s still strange. I know he’s 22 and almost ready for law school but still, in my mind, he’s 5 and needs my help opening a jar of peanut butter.

He was there that evening with us at the auction, after his interview, but of course I didn’t get any pictures with him. Sorry, Mom!

After the auction, we ended up at the Library Annex and danced the night away with the rest of the law school kids. Brother had a great time! I think he saw himself fitting comfortably in the law school here. Which is a good thing.

Now to hear about the scholarship here, and decide if it’s SLU or a school in Texas. It’s a big decision and one I’m so glad that I don’t have to make!

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