Monday, September 26, 2011

Flowers Make Me Happy

When my plane landed back in St. Louis after my long weekend in Walt Disney World earlier this month, I knew that things would not slow down for the rest of the month - and that has proved to be true!

We had a HUGE event at work - multiple locations within one venue, with multiple parties going on simultaneously and then a huge theatrical presentation with lots of audio/visual elements to coordinate on top of it! There were also issues with parking and RSVP lists, but we won't go into that here.

All in all, it went really, really, really well. :) Everyone was pretty pleased. And that makes me happy.

To reward myself, I picked up some gorgeous fall flowers at Costco last week, per my 101 list goal of having fresh flowers in the house once a month. Every time I do this, I remember how much I love having them.


  1. I'm glad your work event went well! Those flowers are very pretty. :-)

  2. YAY for a successful event! And for fresh flowers! :) They're very fall and pretty!