Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Most Magical Place for a 28th Birthday Celebration, Part 2

The next morning, Friday, was an early one. Why is it that getting up in Walt Disney World before 7 am is easier than doing so at home? Could it be because of what lies ahead? I think it might.


In any case, we got up early so we could be at the Magic Kingdom when the gates open. We had planned to get something to eat at the concierge lounge and then be on the monorail by 8:15 am.


We weren’t used to being so close to things, staying on the monorail line, and we ended up in front of the gates by 8 am. Since we were early, I picked up our Tables in Wonderland card for $75 that would save us 20% on food all weekend and when we come back in January. It even saves on alcohol – so worth it. We didn’t need to upgrade our park tickets since the concierge had been able to do that the night before. Things were going swimmingly well!


Hubs and I made our way to the front of the line, as far as they would let us go, to the right of this picture, to stand underneath the train tracks. We struck up a conversation with another family and chatted as we waited for the opening show to begin. Since we were so far over, though, we couldn’t see the characters show up on the train. I had seen the show before so it wasn’t a big deal.

Once the show was done, we were let in and I got to see this!


It’s the best feeling in the world, seeing that sight again. But we didn’t have much time to reflect – we had rides to ride! Since we were so early and the lines were almost non-existent, we were quite productive in the first hour. We rode Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, it’s a small world, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and a few others I think. It was awesome. We aren’t used to the lines being so short!


I hadn’t ridden on Dumbo before, so we had to get a picture of me riding it, of course.


We saw this sign all over Fantasyland and giggled every time they mentioned it. Hubs made me get in first every time, claiming he had to follow the signage.

Later that day, we took a break at the hotel and then spent the evening in Epcot. We ate at Restaurant Marrakesh and had chicken bastilla – if you have never had this dish, you must try it. The one at this restaurant is almost as good as the one we had in Morocco on our Spain trip last December. It was so good!

It was a great first day, hitting up both Magic Kingdom and Epcot, two of our favorite parks!

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  1. I absolutely want to be there for the opening next time! I have NEVER seen it! I was with people who last time weren't in to getting there early. I almost said call me when you get there because the bus(Jeep) is leaving! I wanted to enjoy absolutely every minute like it was the last I'd ever spend there!