Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Me and Dad at Mizzou KU game

If today were three years ago, I would be calling my Dad to tell him about the Cardinals game from Wednesday night where I sat in a fancy box with free food.

I would have told him about the awesome home runs from yesterday’s game where I was high up in section 300 and almost passed out from dehydration because it was so hot and I ended up drinking a beer.

On our phone call, I would have told him about my best friend’s wedding from last week, and what a gorgeous bride she made. Then he would have told me that she may have been pretty, but the most beautiful bride he ever saw was me (besides my mama though!).

We would have run down the family list, me asking about all the relatives I hardly get a chance to talk to, and him asking about Hubs, and Hubs’ family. It’s what we always did.

He would ask about what books I’ve read lately and when we were going to Disney next. I would ask him how many miles he ran on the treadmill today, since he had become a health nut.

I would tell him that I love him, and he would tell me that he loved me too, and that I was his ducky.


Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads, grandpas, and soon-to-be papas out there! Hug your children, grandchildren and adopted kids because days like this are precious.


  1. i was glad to see your Mother on facebook.

    LOve your new look on this.