Sunday, June 3, 2012

There’s Nothing Like Going Home Again

This past week, Hubs and I took a long road trip from St. Louis to the Dallas Metroplex to help my mom out with some awesome organizing projects. Of course, we had some fun too. Since I’m exhausted after a ridiculous 12 hours in the car and a long week of working hard, I’m going to brain dump into a long picture post… and hope that I have more time to write words here and soon.


I love road trips. :) Even if we didn’t stop at the biggest McDonald’s, it’s fun to drive under it.

Dallas trip Memorial Day 2012 (5)

I love seeing that flag flying!


Sunday was brunch at Blue Mesa grill (YUM) and the art museum to see an impressionist exhibit. I ended up getting a yellow silk scarf from the museum shop. I can never resist their things!


We also stopped by Central Market to grocery shop. Oh my. My checkbook is VERY glad there is not one of these near my house. We spent a few minutes examining the cheese orphans and ended up with some yummy choices!

Memorial Day (3)

For Memorial Day on Monday, we were at my uncle’s house for swimming, burgers, and of course, video games. ;)

Memorial Day (2)

My brother is doing so amazingly well two months post-craniotomy. He just got the skull replaced a few weeks ago – he’s still got a wicked scar.


With the long weekend behind us, Hubs and I went to work with Mom’s to do list. It was rather long. She had been building it up for a while!

First there was filing…


And then the shredding…


We donated my dad’s old suits to a shelter that has a back-to-work program. He would have liked his clothes helping people who need the hand up.


We even found some money in the pockets! Mom let us keep it, too. WEE!


Organizing makes me happy, mostly because of the shopping involved. We found the Sharpie aisle at Office Depot!


We donated a bunch of Mom’s electronics.


I burned breakfast, which tells me I just shouldn’t bother cooking it anymore.


We all yelled at the cat when he arrived with a bird for us as a present (first time he’d done that).


Hubs attempted to fix Mom’s speaker system that we’ve had since before I was born. We ascertained what the problem was but he wasn’t able to fix it. Bummer.


We got to see Paula Poundstone live in concert, er, whatever. She was SO funny!

Dallas trip Memorial Day 2012 (13)

We picked up my brother from an anime convention in Dallas one night and saw some, um, interesting costume choices.

Dallas trip Memorial Day 2012 (15)

And for the week and a half I was gone, I didn’t track one thing on Weight Watchers. I ended up the eating extravangza at Lambert’s, the most fabulously awful for you place in the Ozark’s. This was not on the diet of course, but SO GOOD. They throw you rolls, too!



So now we’re home, the laundry is going, the snacks are put away in the pantry, the ice chest cleared out, and I’m frantically going through the DVR to make sure none of my precious shows will be deleted to make way for other shows coming down the pipeline. Ya know, the usual. How did you spend your Sunday night?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad your brother is doing so well! We actually just lost ALL of our DVR'd shows because the cable upgraded:( I had no idea b/c there a few things I would have made time to watch:(

  2. What a busy weekend! Sharpies make me happy too! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! And don't you know? Calories don't count when you're on vacation! ;o)