Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding a diamond in the rough – the thrift store rough, that is

Last weekend, I decided to take advantage of the lack-of-Husband-because-of-law-school-exams-thing and so I stopped by the thrift store after church. It’s my favorite one – seriously, they have the best selection in the city.

I ended up with lots of stuff – a skirt, pair of pants, two tops and a dress - for only $16.50!

This black dress definitely qualified for a “new” outfit from a thrift store, don’t you think?

Black dress

It’s sleeveless with a high neck and a little peekaboo thing in the middle. It’s also got a really nice line under the bust to make sure the girls are taken care of.

Black dress 2

You can kind of see the details here, including the little frog clasp near the neckline.

I can’t wait to wear this one out on the town!


  1. Cute!! Looks very classy.

    Oh and this cracked me up: "the lack-of-Husband-because-of-law-school-exams-thing..." LOL

  2. sounds like a steal!!