Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother’s Day came a bit early for my mama

I hate shopping for presents. You would think I’d be better at it, since I love shopping for myself. But I never know what to get people.

For my mother’s present for Mother’s Day, I wanted to buy her something fun. I found the best necklace on Etsy from seller BuySomeLove.

buysomelove gold necklace

It was SO cute and I knew she was going to like it!

After some wavering back and forth, I decided to just go for it and I ordered it, despite Husband’s protests.

I waited and waited for my package, even though I had put a note in with my order to ask them to mail it as quickly as possible because it was needed earlier than Mother’s Day, when Mom was actually in town. In the end, I realized why it took more time than usual to get here – it was coming from Canada! Who knew. :)

In any case - I was totally right because she loved it! And really, who wouldn’t love something sparkly from your favorite daughter?

85. Buy something from 5 different Etsy stores – 1 down, four to go!

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