Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cat That Looked Just Like Coffee

The other cat named Coffee that is.

Someone asked me the other day if anything weird had happened since Dad died.

I decided on the drive home from Kansas City on Sunday afternoon, I would have to write down the story of the cat that came to hang around my parents house for the past few months. It’s just too weird not to remember, but I want to have it for posterity or something like that.

When I went home to surprise Mom for her birthday in March, I noticed a beige-colored cat hanging around the house. She would hang out under any car parked out front. She even ran into the house when I left the front door open for a few minutes, waiting for someone else to come in behind me.

flickr - maureate


The cat looked just like the cat above. I never thought to take a picture of the real one.

Mom said that the cat had been around a few weeks, and that Dad insisted he was not going to adopt her. They had had enough taking care of my dog, Freckles, when I went off to college and it was easier to travel if they didn’t have a pet at home. So that was that.

On the day that Dad died, I was trying to get home as quickly as possible. My uncle had picked us at the airport and was dropping us off pretty late at night. Sure enough, that silly cat was sitting on the front porch, like always. She mewed at me, but I was careful not to let her in the house. We slipped past her and carried on.

The next night, the family was sitting around the table talking about things, and that cat came and sat by the back door and mewed for HOURS. The weirdness started – that was exactly where Freckles used to sit and stare at us to beg us to let him inside.

My cousin told me that he saw the cat watching us as the whole family piled into cars to head to the funeral that Saturday and that when we all came back a few hours later, the cat was nowhere to be seen.

Mom has said that she saw the cat one more time after that, when she had finally decided that maybe she ought to adopt her after all. That was a Friday night and she was going over to my uncle’s house to eat dinner, and was going to pick her up when she came home.

We haven’t seen the cat since. She’s disappeared.

Want to know the weirdest part? The neighbors have said that when they saw the cat, they thought she was feral – because she was NEVER affectionate towards them. She wasn’t mean, but she never came up to their house and mewed, or wanted to come inside, or even hang out on their front porch. Apparently that was only at our house.

The final weirdness? This cat is the spitting image of the cat that my mom had when my parents first got married.


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