Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out on the town with friends

With a hard cider from the tap..

Yummy Shephard's Pie...

And a bathtub dessert...

[If you can't read the fine print, for just $1500, you too can have an entire bathtub filled with your favorite ice creams and toppings. You supply the bathtub. I think a challenge has been issued.]

And only 244 days until St. Patrick's Day...

It was a lovely night out with friends.

I love pubs. :)


  1. yay, cider! pretty much what I order whenever we go out :) Love good times with friends...priceless. Ignoring the price tag, I don't think I could bring myself to eat ice cream out of a bathtub. I mean, I'd have to buy a BRAND NEW bathtub too...

  2. Mmm! Hard cider on tap - sounds great!

  3. I think you just go to places in STL that I love to taunt me....

    Want to go in together on that bathtub? Haha

  4. Wait, I have to supply the tub?

    What a rip-off!