Monday, July 26, 2010

My Bathtub Needs Help!

So I need some help. Or at least, my bathtub does. Here it is:


Do you see the problem?


There is this big stain right where water hits the bathtub from the shower. I’m wondering if it’s a drainage problem. When I got on my hands on knees to clean it the other day, the water pooled in that area, even when I turned the faucet off.

In any case, I put about a ton [that’s an exact measurement ;)] of Scrubbing Bubbles on the stain and let it steep for a bit. Then I scrubbed and scrubbed some more. It wasn’t coming off, so I added more of the foamy stuff and scrubbed again.

It’s not really budging. Any ideas?


  1. I use Bar Keeper's friend on mine, but mine has sort of a rough surface and it's pretty old.

  2. bueno. Ours does something similar, although I've pretty much just ignored it. Maybe try something like Comet with a little more grit?

  3. I think New Teacher New Wife said something to me the other day about magic eraser working wonders in her bath tub! I'd give it a shot!

  4. id also try the magic eraser. or bleach.

  5. I have tried some at home remedies on my carpet stains that I found just via googling- maybe try googling your problem and someone will have some crazy at home remedy? Good luck!

  6. Bleach.

    Bleach bleach bleach.