Friday, July 23, 2010

RIP Canon Digital Elph SD600 :(

At the wedding last weekend, I accidentally dropped my beloved camera. It bounced a few times and made an awful sound. I knew it was doomed.

Looks like it landed on the lens which keeps giving the camera an error every time I turn it on.

Good thing Husband got a new camera for Christmas! But this just means I have to start saving even more quickly for a DSLR that I have my heart set on.

In honor of my camera, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

I bought the camera on Black Friday the first Thanksgiving weekend after Husband and I got engaged. We were in Georgia for the holiday and a cousin’s wedding…

Judy's Wedding 012

It got me through my engagement…


Wedding showers…

Shower 11

Bachelorette party..



Mom's photos 055



Many Christmases together with his family and mine…

Christmas Day 04

Five trips to Walt Disney World…



Disney 2008 033



(June 2009) 

Disneyworld December-January 2010 101

(New Year’s, 2009-2010)

Florida Trip (99)

(May 2010)

A cruise with my family…

 Carnival Conquest 2009 144

Carnival Conquest 2009 023

Barrister Ball…

Barrister Ball 2010 156

And a bunch of weddings, especially the one last weekend where it bit the dust…

Dan and Megan's wedding 045

And so many more fun moments.

I’ll miss you, my dear Digital Elph! :(


  1. RIP camera. i hate that feeling. i busted a point and shoot (film) camera years ago when i wiped out on wet concrete with flipflops. i fell, camera smashed. and it was on a bahamian vacation. on like, the first or second day. i was so upset with myself.

  2. Unfortunate that your camera broke, but exciting that you'll get a new one. If you go Nikon I'd look into the D3000 or D5000. If you go Canon look into the Canon Rebels. Whichever you choose make sure you buy the PACKAGE deals that include the extra lens and camera case. The extra lens is usually $200 sold individually, but it will only be an extra $100 or so to buy it in the package deals and you usually get a memory card, case and other things as well. The second lense (50-250) is awesome! When you take pictures close up it will focus on one item and blur the background - because it is a zoom lens!

  3. Awww sad!!! Looks like your camera was there for a lot of neat memories!!

    I don't know if you are looking for a new point and shoot, but I love mine. It is an Olympus Stylus and it rocks. It takes super fantastic pictures and is beyond easy to us! (okay, infomercial is over)

  4. Ugh. The loss of a camera is so hard! Mine died on our honeymoon!! Luckily, someone mentioned to me that it was working weird at our wedding (a friend was taking a few pics for me so I'd have something to look at on the honeymoon!), and I stopped at our apartment at literally 4 am to pick up my mom's from like 2004 as a back-up. So so so glad I did!! Seems like your camera served you very well. Here's to a quick savings plan so you have a new one in no time!

  5. So sad! When mine quit working, I hadn't saved up enough for the DSLR yet, but it drove me crazy being without a camera. I paid some of it in cash and put the rest on a credit card that I can pay in full next month. Maybe that's an option...