Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 unfinished projects hanging over my head

flickr - Nina Matthews Photography

  1. Refinishing the red coffee table in the craft room. It’s red and needs to be white.
  2. Complete my honeymoon scrapbook. We just completed our third year of marriage… four months ago.
  3. Organize the basement storage room. Seriously, I can’t find anything! We need to get some kind of organizing system going on.
  4. Clear my closet of items I haven’t worn in over one year, per my 101 list.
  5. Sell the old Saturn coupe and get it out of our parking lot.
  6. Create the “hit by a bus” folder so Husband would know how to run the household, just in case something happened to me. Depressing, yes, but still, something that needs to be done!
  7. Re-title the new Saturn Ion in our names. Waiting on the probate court to do whatever they need to do. Silly courts.
  8. Mending. Patch a hole, fix the hem, sew on a button. Stuff like that.
  9. Scan all our printed photos from our collection and the in-laws to the external hard drive as a back up.
  10. Finish my 101 in 1001 days list.


  1. sounds like us...we have tons of projects to do!!

    we can do it, right?!?! =)

  2. I love the idea of a "hit by a bus" folder! I told my husband that I needed to make him one for when we had kids so that he could still keep the house clean! And I still need to finish my wedding album so don't feel bad about your honeymoon album! I need to go back to scrapbooking on Friday nights!

  3. Hope the list motivates you! I am sooo many hanging over my head, but I'm not quite ready for the pressure of a list yet. Haha!

  4. Girl - that's some list. Some pretty big items to get knocked off there. I am working on my 101 list right now. It's so tough to think of things to do!

  5. This task list had me saying "me too" quite a lot.. haha.. Sheesh. So much to do, so much intention behind it.. so little motivation to do it.

  6. So much to do! I love the idea of a hit-by-a-bus file. A little morbid, but really practical. Makes me think I should do that for my husband - I don't know if he'd know how to do anything if I wasn't here to do it for him! I've been thinking of doing a 101 list too. Great idea!

  7. I think we all have lists like this! Good luck!