Saturday, August 7, 2010

How did I miss The Gooners as a kid?!


The mailman dropped off that wonderful red envelope a few weeks ago. That’s what usually happens, I get the Netflix envelope and then wait a bit before watching whatever disc is in there. One Friday night, I insisted that Husband and I sit down and watch The Goonies so I could send it back and get another movie. That’s why we’re paying to have Netflix, after all, right?

Let me just say - Awesome! How did I miss this CLASSIC when I was a kid? I think I was thrown off by the name. I thought it was some kind of weird movie that I wouldn’t like. Honestly, I have no idea why I never watched it.

I’m so glad I put it on our Netflix list. With Sean Astin, Josh Broland,  Jeff Cohen and Corey Feldman teaming up to beat the bad guys to a hidden treasure, what’s not to love?! I had a smile on my face the WHOLE movie. I think I even cried a little bit when the kids get reunited with the parents at the end.

What a great movie to add to my 101 List.


  1. i have heard about it but never seen it!

  2. Marissa - you must rent it. It's really a great movie!