Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Easter Weekend in Pictures

I have been such a poor blogger lately. Please forgive me. I offer up pictures from the crazy weekend we had!

Friday Night – Friend’s Birthday CelebrationEaster Weekend (233)

Bar food is great, but fried green beans with ranch is just the top.

Easter Weekend (237)

Gotta love amaretto sours. The best.

Saturday – Baseball Game and Easter Fire

Easter Weekend (2) Easter Weekend (3) Easter Weekend (5)

It was Red Schoendienst commemorative statue night!

Easter Weekend (7)  Easter Weekend (30)

I was fascinated by how many people they brought in to get the tarp on the field when it started raining. It was so neat to see! We were on a rain delay for a bit but then had to leave to get to St. Charles for the Easter fire. But we did a picture of us…

Easter Weekend (26)

My FIL asked hubs to help build a fire for the Easter Vigil services. Due to the rain, we had to go to Plan B: a fire pit. Still a great fire, but not as impressive as the inferno they’ve done in the past, or so I’ve been told.

Easter Weekend (234)

 Easter Weekend (235) 

We had to wait until it was all out and then hubs and BIL helped dispose of the embers. 

Sunday – Easter with LOTS of family; BIL’s birthday

We had brunch with my mother-in-law and father-in-law, plus brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Then, Hubs’ first cousin was there with her family (husband and three kids). Of course, we added in cousin’s huband’s mother and stepfather. Then there was cousin’s husband’s sister and her three kids. Oh and cousin’s husband’s stepfather also had his niece in town. So there were 19 of us. Yeah.

Easter Weekend (38)

Don’t get between me and my chocolate bunny. For reals.

 Easter Weekend (40)

The kids got a big basket – gotta love it.

Easter Weekend (47)

MIL with little Moose, our godson. He has definitely gone from toddler to little boy.

 Easter Weekend (48)

Scrappy really enjoyed the chocolate fountain.

Easter Weekend (52) 

Then again, so did I. :) That’s my plate!

Easter Weekend (57)

We clean up pretty good, I think!

Easter Weekend (74)

MIL made her niece (hubs’ cousin) a scrapbook of old family photos that she had found. We spent a bit of Saturday shopping for the paper and embellishments. Makes me hope I’ll have more time to continue my scrapbooking!

 Easter Weekend (39)

BIL and his adorable girlfriend.

After a few hours of rest after brunch, we were eating again for BIL’s birthday. But first, he had to ride the saddle while we all “yihaa-ed” at him. I love Texas Roadhouse. :)

Easter Weekend (97)

Easter Weekend (85)

We had lots of peanuts, and what else did we need? Cake. Lots of ice cream cake. :) BIL was a little intimidated by all those candles.

Easter Weekend (185)

Husband also picked out an awesome card – that didn’t really open! Hehe.

Easter Weekend (215) 

It was an absolutely wonderful, hysterical, exhausting weekend.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Ice cream cake is definitely my favorite of all time!