Thursday, April 28, 2011

And God Blessed My Broken Road…

Because it led me straight to him.

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary with my Dear Husband.  I found these questions on Legally Married recently and thought it would be a great way to commemorate our celebration. We’ll be going out to dinner and then of course, going to bed early so I can get up at the crack of dawn to watch another wedding – this one of a royal nature.

How long have you been together?

We started dating in October, 2005. So we are going on six years of togetherness.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?

We met briefly in our first year of college but lost touch until our senior year. We ran into each other and just let fate take it from there.

How old are each of you?

I am 27 and he is 26, about to turn 27. I’m ten months older than him and he never lets me forget it.

Whose siblings do/did you see the most?

We live in the same city as his immediate family, so we see them a fair amount. Mine lives in a different state and see him far less often.

Do you have any children together?

With him in law school, I can’t imagine that I would ever find the time! Besides, we’re having fun – we’ll be able to settle down with kids soon.

What about pets?

I want a dog but our apartment complex won’t allow them. Which is probably good, because I can’t keep a plant alive. We have to work up to those kids from the previous question.

♥ Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

I think moving in together and learning how to be a couple is hard enough. Add in law school and it’s just crazy.

Did you go to the same school?

We met in college.

♥ Are you from the same home town?

Technically, yes. But he lived in a suburb and I was in a way different one. And then I moved to Texas in elementary school. So yes and no.

Who is the most sensitive?

Me. By far.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

We both love Penn Station and the Kolache Factory. The latter usually on a Saturday morning of errands. Mmmm.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

He surprised me with a trip to Paris for our honeymoon. It was wonderful.


This was the view from our hotel room. It makes me smile just looking at it. :)

Who has the worst temper?

Me, again by far. He’s better at controlling his emotions than I am.

Who does the cooking?

We haven’t been doing a lot of cooking lately. But usually it’s me who doesn’t want to eat out again, so I’ll end up cooking something to sustain ourselves.

Who is more social?

I think it kind of depends. He really enjoys going out with his law school friends now, but sometimes, I just want to be at home on the couch. But sometimes I’m just a social butterfly doing a million different things and loving it.

Who is the neat-freak?

That’s me, definitely. I wish he would catch that bug!

Who is the more stubborn?

I think we both would have to fight for that title. We’re both pretty strong with our opinions.

Who hogs the bed?

He would claim it was me – but I disagree. He steals the covers.

Who wakes up earlier?

I wake up when my alarm goes off – and usually hate it no matter when it is. He’s the same way.

Where was your first date?

There’s a small Mexican restaurant on campus at our college and we ended up there for dinner. But it wasn’t a date when we started out. It became one. Sort of.

Who has the bigger family?

For immediate family, we both have the one brother. But extended family, he wins by leaps and bounds. I think there are 15 first cousins and 8 of the next generation? Lots of kids!

Do you get flowers often?
I adore flowers but usually only get them on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day 2011 

How do you spend the holidays?

Splitting them up between families is so difficult. With Dad gone now, we’ve just been playing it by ear to see how to manage that. It’s been really hard.

♥ How long did it take to get serious?

Well, my mother doesn’t like to hear this, but we started dating in October and were looking at rings in December. It happened quickly but I guess we just knew, as they say.

Who does the laundry?

I go through clothes a bit more quickly than he does, so I end up doing most of the laundry. A few months ago, we split the loads into his and hers and he’s supposed to take care of his. But, I always end up throwing some t-shirts and boxers in with my things. It’s the nice wifely thing to do – I can’t let him have nothing to wear!


Forest Park 12

I absolutely adore my dear husband. I can’t imagine the last four years of my life without him. Standing there on our wedding day in a big poofy marshmallow of a dress, I was the happiest woman on earth. Still am. :)


  1. Jess I loved reading all of these answers about the two of you! Happy Anniversary!

  2. These are so sweet!!!

    I keep killing plants too. Please pray for my unborn pets and children :P

  3. Congrats on 4 years! "God Bless the Broken Road" was Dan and I's first dance at our wedding! Its a great song. Hope you do something fun tonight!

  4. Yay! HAppy anniversary! I didn't realize ours were so close to each other! Love that you used the questions, and loved learning more about you!