Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend Full of Celebration

Well, I have been surrounded by wedding celebrations for the past few days.

Last Thursday, Husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We had dinner at a lovely local steakhouse, thanks to a Groupon we had purchased weeks ago, and spent the night at a great hotel. I love sleeping in fancy hotel beds! They’re the best.

The next morning, I woke up veeeeerrry early to cry during the lovely Royal Wedding. They say it’s going to affect wedding trends for the next twenty years. I just hope it brings back modest wedding dresses – because it’s so desperately needed! The dress, the flowers, the pageantry, it was all so wonderfully perfect. A real life fairy tale.

Once we got done with that wedding, I headed out to B’s wedding cite. B is a friend at work who asked me to help her coordinate her big day – and I was so happy to oblige! We had to set up the tables and centerpieces and sketch out exactly where the rows of chairs would be for the ceremony site.

I was able to corral the wedding party of 18 (including the bride and groom) and all the parents quite effectively. I have this “You Must Listen to Me” voice and somehow, I got everyone’s attention. ;) We had a great rehearsal and then they went off to the rehearsal dinner, while I went home to rest. It was an early morning, after all.

The next day, I was out at the site, to get the flower and cake delivery while the bride was getting dressed upstairs.

B's Wedding 01

Her flowers were a beautiful wild flower mix – it was one of the biggest bridal bouquets I had ever seen, but B is a tall lady and we wanted to make sure the bouquet matched her.

B's Wedding 02

B’s wedding theme was “love birds” so she found these adorable little birds on Etsy and had to have them. They were so cute on top of the cake!

B's Wedding 03

B’s roommate is a master cupcake baker and so we had to have some of them at the wedding as well. The “F'” toppers are for her new married name.

B's Wedding 04  

My view of the ceremony was perfect. She had all her paparazzi there, of course. The whole event took place at Klondike Park and we set up the ceremony for the cliff in the background. It was so picture perfect – not a drop of rain the entire day! We had kept our fingers crossed for weeks.

My favorite part of the decorations, which I don’t have pictures of yet, are the wicker pomander balls that we tied up with purple polka dot ribbon and added it to the end of each row. SO cute. I’m hoping the photographer got some detail shots.

I plan events for a living but there is something about planning a wedding... The stakes for my events are always high (I want to do a great job for my employer, of course), but a wedding – that’s the day that the bride, groom and all the families will remember forever. And I want every detail to be exactly right.

This bride and groom told me afterwards that they loved every minute of the day and it was perfect. That’s all I can ask for!


  1. And now you have a reference for when you start your own company!

  2. How wonderful! Weddings are such sweet occasions :)