Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Impromptu Date Night that Turned Out Not to Be So Much a Date but Studying Instead

I wanted to be here tonight…

Chase Park Plaza

Even though we were supposed to be studying.

I realized we had a Groupon about to expire, and with all our trips in the coming weeks, Husband and I didn’t have another evening free until the expiration date! So impromptu movie night it was.

We got cash from the ATM, parked in the garage across the street from the movie theatre and walked over. Wandered through the hotel’s banquet spaces until we got to the concession stand to buy our tickets (it’s an old building with LOTS of different things under one roof).

I waited in line while the lady in front of me argued with the clerk about what movies they had showing.

Finally it was my turn.

I stepped up and asked for two tickets to “Thor” at 7:45 pm please and use this Groupon!

We were all set until the clerk said, “Oh. I’m sorry. That Groupon is not eligible for 3D movies.”


Not a huge deal really because we didn’t want to see it in 3D anyway. Life is in 3D, so why would I want to see a movie that way? I don’t need Thor’s hammer coming at my head. No thanks.

So now we’re back here.


Him studying. Me writing. Like we should have been all along.

I’m thinking of taking a friend to Something Borrowed tomorrow night while he’s taking a final. That’s totally a fair bargain, yes?

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  1. Bummer! Did you get to see Something Borrowed? I'm curious to know if it's any good...