Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Men Are From Mars, So They Say

The difference between many men and women is their communication. In my household, it’s just the same. I can even prove it to you.

I recently checked the phone usage on our iPhone 4. He got his right when they came out last summer, but I waited until September, for my birthday.

Husband has almost a day and a half of talk time on the lifetime of his phone. This doesn’t surprise me, as he is hardly ever on the phone. Texting, sure. Checking email, of course. But talking? He’s like most men I know – he says a quick hello and then completes his business and hangs up.

Me, on the other hand?

I have almost twelve times that on my phone.

My iPhone 4 has over THIRTEEN DAYS of talk time, and it’s two months younger than Husband’s.

Do I talk much on the phone? Sure do. Thank goodness for rollover minutes. Most of my friends are on the same network so I don’t have to worry about wasting minutes that way!

What would your phone usage say about you?


  1. I have guy habits I guess! I don't talk on my phone much at all! I talk to my mom the most and she lives in town anyway! I spend more time doing other things with my phone.

  2. Lol. I have 9 days and 23 hours of call time on my iPhone...and I got it in February 2009...I guess I'm more like your husband when it comes to talking on the phone!

  3. I only like talking on the phone with a few people. But to them, I talk for HOURS.

    Somehow, I never thought about all those hours adding up to days, though! It's crazy to think about that!