Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hazards of Being a Wedding Planner and Attending a Wedding

1. I begin to cry even before the ceremony starts. Because I love Law School Friend and his fiancée that much. And weddings are so awesome.

2. I have to sit on my hands during the processional, when the bride is coming down the aisle. I want to fluff her dress up just right before those doors open up.

S Wedding 01 

3. I don’t have anything to do during the ceremony except watch and cry. The hankie gets a lot of use.

S Wedding 02 

4. It’s not really a hazard, number four. It’s kind of an awesome point. I can show up to the reception and enjoy myself! I can take lovely pictures of me and my husband at the reception!

S Wedding 03

The Law School Kids and I head straight to the bar when we hit the reception. We were the first ones there and it was great. There were fried pickles along with the veggies and dip. What an AWESOME appetizer for a wedding.

5. Upon entering the reception room after the cocktail hour, I immediately assess the room. For this one, I totally approve of the decor, even though I don’t usually like chair covers. This one just looks so perfect for the bride. :)

S Wedding 04

The centerpieces were also really neat – some kind of orange lily and spiky purple thing, all tied together with the river rock in the bottom of the vase. So pretty!

S Wedding 05 

6. I didn’t have to release tables or worry about how much food was on the buffet. And when the cake was being cut? I could stand to the side and take pictures, and hoot and holler at the bride to push that cake into her new husband’s face. It was great!

S Wedding 06 

7. I had a wonderful time at the Law School wedding of the century. 17 of us took the big trip to Nebraska and we had a blast. A few drinks, some good food, and a dance party out there at the country club. I don’t think they knew what hit ‘em!

S Wedding 07 

I think I like attending weddings, almost as much as I like planning them!

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