Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love at its Most Pure

Someone sent me a link to this StoryCorps video yesterday and I absolutely broke down crying watching it. It was that moving.

For those that haven’t heard about NPR’s StoryCorps project, everyday people are asked to tell a story about their lives. Sometimes there’s a theme and sometimes there’s not. NPR usually airs them on Friday mornings, at least they do on our local station.

This one is about Danny and Annie, a married couple in Brooklyn. There were two interviews – one a few years before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and another one closer to his death. In fact, the story aired on NPR the day that Danny died.

The way they speak about each other and their love is simply amazing – it’s what everyone aims to have. It’s what we aspire to. Can you imagine leaving a weather love note? This shows that the little things really do add up to a lifetime of love.

I want to grow old with my dear husband and have a lifetime of those kind of memories to look back on. And I want to have fun making those memories with him. Because those little details are what marriage is all about.


  1. I am over here sobbing like a giant baby. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I loved it.

  2. I cried too. I am going to share this with my husband. He thinks he's being silly when he follows me around the house just because he wants to be with me and when he starts singing songs to me. I hope this will help show him, in a way that I can't, that that is something a good marriage is built on. It's the little things that matter.

  3. Okay, I totally can't watch this... b/c I WILL cry. But I have seen these before and soooo inspiring, motivating, moving...

  4. Oh wow, definitely brought tears to my eyes. I think we all strive for a love like that.