Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breaking Up with My Beloved Starbucks

NOTE: If you are squeamish, you might not want to read this post. The subject is kind of, um, delicate.

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Yesterday morning was a coffee morning. I stopped by my  favorite Starbucks with a drive thru and picked up a wonderful skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte light whip – but forgot to ask for the sugar chaser that Mom reminded me cuts the bitterness of the skinny latte. Still awesome, but not as it could have been on an early Tuesday morning.

In any case, I sipped on my yummy coffee all morning while checking emails.

And then it happened – my stomach started to revolt. I rushed to the bathroom, which made me realize that me and the morning latte didn’t so much get along.

My mom reminded me over the weekend that caffeine is a diuretic – that’s why you have to pee so often after drinking coffee or something similar. But this? It wasn’t just that. There was a yucky feeling along with it.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I think I have to admit defeat – I can’t have coffee. It’s a hard thing to swallow, because I *LOVE* my coffee. My weekly trip to Starbucks is the highlight of my week. I wonder if it’s all coffee or just an ingredient in the cinnamon dolce latte mix or maybe Starbucks beans.

Have you ever been faced with giving up some item of food that you REALLY love? I don’t know how I can deal.


  1. That sucks! I am a coffee adict, but when I start drinking too much it starts to effect my stomach and I have to cut back. You could always switch to tea? That way you could still have your Starbucks ritual in the morning. Tazo has a bunch of great flavors.

  2. Oh, no. Husband John would not live if have to give up coffee----has coffee 2 cups before leaves for work; takes a thermos of coffee with him----makes coffee there also, and then coffee when gets home.

    Sorry to hear this

  3. Ugh! Sorry, friend! Oh there is so much food I love that probably has something to do with upset tummies off and on, but I choose to be in denial. Mine hasnt' been as bad as yours though! That stinks!

  4. It could be something in whatever they use to make it "skinny." I had a friend who had the same experience with low-fat coffee drinks in general.

  5. I feel your pain. Every time I have coffee, my intestines freak out. I love the stuff and have found that decaf helps some, but that I cannot have it often. I keep it for a treat when I know I can afford to be close to a restroom.

    Luckily chia does not have this effect, so that I can and do imbibe more regularly.

  6. Do you think it's the coffee (caffiene?) or the milk? Sometimes I wonder if I'm not slightly lactose intolerant. Maybe try a decaf latte next time, those are ususally just as good. Or a chai? Or a coffee without the milk?

  7. Oh man, that sucks!! I can't imagine giving up coffee -- it's how I start every morning. Taking away my coffee routine would seriously throw me out of whack. Maybe Sara is on to something -- could it be the milk in your coffee?

  8. I used to love their iced coffee, but they make it stronger than the regular coffee. So, not only did it make me need to go to the bathroom way too often; it also turned me into a stark raving crazy person filled with rage. ;)

    Chai tea also hurts my stomach a lot.