Monday, April 18, 2011

Facebook – The Final Frontier

Facebook Privacy

I feel like I have a split personality on Facebook.

On the one hand, I use it to keep in touch with friends across the country, family across the world and my husband in the next room. However, I also use it for business reasons. There are so many of my contacts from work on Facebook, both their personal profiles whom I’m friended and the business pages that they run.

With over 560 friends (wow, that sounds super conceited, doesn’t it?) and probably 100 fan pages, it’s gotten to be too much to keep up. I created privacy lists to make the division between work and personal a bit more clear but there are somethings I’m not sure how to draw that line for.

Do you show other people pictures from the weekend? Your status posts? What about fun videos you find on YouTube?

For most people at work, I feel like I draw that line on the more conservative side, so I don’t insult anyone with my random videos or whatnot. But there are some people in the office who show everyone everything they do on Facebook (I think).

How do you keep that division between work and your personal life on Facebook? Because I need some serious help in that department.


  1. Oooh that's a tough one!

    It's pretty easy for me, since I rarely use Facebook. But I do have a few work contacts on there. And I just block them from seeing status updates and photos and pretty much anything else. Which I feel fine about. Because you never know what one of your idiot friends is going to post on YOUR page! If your work people are blocked, then they'll never see it!

  2. I won't Facebook friend anybody I know professionally. It's just easier for me that way.

  3. I don't put much of anything on facebook. I am of the opinion that if you don't want your boss and grandmother to see it, it shouldn't be out there. I don't allow myself to be tagged in pictures, I don't put up pics (I do change my profile pic on occasion), I don't have a lot of personal info up there...

    I also am reluctant to "friend" people I know professionally. I have only about 240 friends. I did a MAJOR cut last fall!

  4. I struggle with this too and basically do what you do... But then I get paranoid. So now I don't have a wall and cannot be tagged in photos. I never post links and I only post really innocuous status updates maybe once a month, tops. I post a few pictures of fun little things but never anything involving drinking or anything too extravagant (not that we do a lot of those two anyway, but I would omit a really expensive dinner, for example). The downside is people always ask me why I won't let them see my tagged photos and my wall (they don't exist! ha!). Probably people also think I'm boring...... they're right :)

  5. If I was still working, I'd have my professional contacts see a scrubbed version of my life or not have them on there at all.

    This is what I worry about for my sister {and her friends} who is in her second year of college... now her profile is private, but there are so many crazy pics and whatnot that I have to think it's going to affect jobs, volunteer stuff, grad school, etc... if it's out there.

    Maybe YOU don't put up that drunken pic from college, but that doesn't stop someone else posting it and tagging you.