Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saturday Night in the City

I’ve been awfully quiet here the past few days – because I’ve been crazy busy!

Last Friday night was a law school future spouse’s bachelorette party. The girls and I had a great time out on the town, visiting lots of bars and giggling as the bride-to-be did lots of dares. Bachelorette parties always draw lots of attention and ours was no exception. I would post pictures here but then I’d have to kill you… and change my blog identity. Some of those girls are serious party gals! Also, people like my cousins and mother and mother-in-law read this blog – and I’m just not going to subject them to that. Ick.

But Saturday night takes the cake for the best night we’ve had in a LONG time – we attended the Bob Costas benefit featuring Conan O’Brian and Faith Hill.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was the best night ever.

First, we started off at the Scottish Arms with two couples that we absolutely love hanging out with. One of the gentlemen with us had invited us along, because he got the tickets from his dad. Boy, were we in for a treat and we didn’t even know it!

And then we went to the Fox for the big event.

Costas Benefit (2)

Conan O’Brian was hysterical, of course. He tailored his set to St. Louis and it was great.

But the lady in the picture above – Faith Hill? Brought down the house. Seriously, I didn’t realize how many of her songs I knew every single word to! Every new song she started had me bouncing in my seat, singing along, and even crying.

Especially this one - “Wild One”. Do you remember that one?

She's a wild one
With an angel's face
She's a woman-child
In a state of grace
When she was 3 years old on her daddy's knee
He said you can be anything you want to be
She's a wild one
Runnin' free

Faith Hill was one of Dad’s favorites – along with Shania Twain. This song would always remind me of him, even before. Because he told me I could do anything I wanted. So when Faith started singing this song in St. Louis, I was a little weepy in my plush Fox Theatre seat. But that’s ok – because music is supposed to touch the soul.

We had a great time that night, with my husband and our friends. Being out and listening to great songs and a funny comedian is an awesome Saturday night. :)


  1. That sounds like such a fun Saturday night! I love Faith Hill, too! Glad y'all had fun!

  2. What a fun weekend - and Conan and Faith on top of all that! How awesome!

  3. I am BEYOND jealous. Faith Hill's (especially her old school) songs are some of my all time favorites! :-) Love that you got to go and have such a great time!!!!!

  4. Awesome!! We really wanted to go to the benefit this year, but just couldn't make it happen. So glad you went and had a good time. Faith Hill is amazing!

  5. I looooove Faith Hill except when she sings those stupid NFL openers. Also, she is in ridiculous shape for her age. What I would give to be that tall.