Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Mail is So Much Fun!

After all the traveling that Husband and I have been doing over the past few weeks, I finally decided that the small roll-aboard suitcase we have wasn’t cutting it. I feel like such a dork walking into a hotel for a one night stay with a rolled bag rather than a duffel bag. Husband has a duffel that he’s been using and it’s so much easier for him to grab it and run.

I had just decided to find a duffel bag when I saw someone on one plane had a matching duffel and tote – well, of course, I needed one like THAT!

Plus, on the last wedding weekend, one of the wheels of our roll-aboard fell off in the parking lot. I hope that Husband can fix it, but either way, another small bag for my things would be nice to have around.

That’s where Etsy comes in. I love Etsy. I spend way too many hours looking at the shops there and drooling over the gorgeous things that much more creative people than me have created.

I did some searching and came across Vicki’s shop – Deerpath Designs. She had some really cute bags with customized monograms embroidered on them – I fell in love with the damask pattern. But she only had the tote bag so I asked if she could get the large duffel in the same patterns. Turns out she can!

My order arrived today and I am officially in love. I can’t wait for our next trip where I can use them!


There’s even pink bows with white accents on each bag!


Plus, my monogram is embroidered on both bags in the matching pink thread.

I LOVE IT. The big duffel is going to be plenty big for a long weekend’s worth of clothes and the tote bag is HUGE. I can carry my nook, a smaller purse for the trip, magazines, my toiletries and even snacks if I wanted to! It’s going to be so perfect.

Thanks, Vicki!

This is just one more thing I’ve bought from an Etsy store that counts towards my 101 in 1001 list.

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  1. Those are really cute! I have a Vera Bradley Duffle & Bag that I bought a few years ago that I use. I just love them for traveling!