Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Ran Away to the Circus!

Last night, I went to our local circus, Circus Flora. The big top gets set up on a parking lot in the arts district in town and they play for about a month. It’s a European-style circus and conducted in one ring instead of the American three rings like Barnum and Bailey’s.

Circus Flora 4

We had such an amazing time. I went with my in-laws and a cousin-in-law. It was great!

There was one act was made up of all kids – some younger than my cousins! They had little kids that were tossed all over the place and even used as a jump rope at one point! So funny.

But my favorite act was the Flying Wallendas. Oh. My. Goodness. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe them.

This video was only a portion of their act, taped a few years ago.

After they did this trick, they did a four person pyramid. On a bicycle. It was crazy.

If you’re in St. Louis, please go see this Circus. You will not regret it. The story is great, costumes are fun, there are even horses and dogs to get in on the act.

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