Sunday, June 5, 2011

You’ll Never Know…

Last night, while I was at a local theatre, judging a show, Hubs and friends went out to have some fun.

Just as I was sitting down in my seat, waiting for the curtain, I received three texts in quick succession.

Never know 1

Never know 2

Never know 3

When I asked what exactly is going on, I was told “you’ll never know.” There was even a cake that told me so.

Never know 4

They kept it up the whole night, after I got back to the house and asked what was going on. They kept the secret up the whole night.

When we got home, Hubs finally let me in on the secret – our friend M’s car broke down on their way to dinner. They had to get her parents’ car to finish the trip to the restaurant. M and her husband, and our friends D and K were just very amused by the whole thing. They love keeping secrets from me because I hate secrets – I can’t keep them and I really just like knowing everyone else’s secrets too.

Ugh. I hate secrets.  


  1. I hate secrets and surprises like that! I must know because I don't want the surprise!

  2. At least there was cake?? :)