Monday, June 20, 2011

“The Ruin of Most Men Dates From Some Idle Moment*”


It’s a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, I love how I feel after I complete a project. I even add things to my to do list so I can cross them off and get that sense of accomplishment. Cleaning out my closet on a random Wednesday night? Awesome. I went to bed with a smile because I loved the idea that I would wake up and be able to see all my clothes at a glance.

On the other hand, I despise productivity. No matter WHAT I accomplish, there is always something more to do. So I can be as productive as possible but I will always want to be more productive.

So it’s good and yet not so good. I am determined to clean up the entire townhouse this summer. Every Saturday, I’ve assigned ourselves one room to declutter. This weekend doesn’t count because I have to head to Denver to be a godmother to my cousin’s second daughter – which is going to be awesome, by the way. I love little babies and I’ll get to hold this one all weekend! Can’t wait. :) But after that little jaunt, we spend one day each weekend cleaning out one room.

But then there’s the whole thing of KEEPING the room clean. I guess I’ll worry about that after the room is decluttered and clean? Hmm.

*title quote by Hillard


  1. My mom and I had a discussion about organizing one day where we determined that even once you get organized you always find something else to that needs to be organized! It's a never ending circle! I'm hoping I can keep my freshly clean rooms decluttered too! The basement already looks terrible! I'm praying the goodwill truck visits here again soon!

  2. Amen! There are just never enough hours in the day, and to your point, one step forward usually feels like two steps back when you see what else needs work.

    I really, really wish I was Type A sometimes. One of my girlfriends opened her makeup drawer in her bathroom to grab a brush for me not too long ago and everything she owned was meticulously organized. I can keep a clean house but my drawers are definitely much more cluttered. Made me so jealous!

    You're my new inspiration!! Can't wait to be inspired by all of your summer projects and successes.