Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fights about Future Issues

After spending the better part of last Saturday at Silver Dollar City, it got me thinking about a conversation I had with Husband a few months ago about taking children to our favorite vacation place in the whole wide world, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

DFW Wknd 04

On one of the many road trips we have taken in the past few weeks, the subject of vacationing to Disney with kids came up. I said that I couldn’t wait to take our kids to Disney. Walking around the parks that I love, seeing their expression when they meet a character, getting their first hair cut at the barber on Main Street! What’s not to love?

Ok, yes, there might be issues. A cranky baby in a crowded park doesn’t sound like my idea of a vacation. Having to lug all their stuff in a diaper bag plus a stroller to deal with isn’t exactly the easiest way to travel. But won’t those little inconveniences be trumped by the awesome experience?

Husband firmly disagrees. He thinks we should leave our kids home until they are older and able to travel more easily. It would be easier to travel with an older child, as they might not need a stroller or special food.

I can’t imagine how having a baby should interrupt our vacation plans – it absolutely shouldn’t! If I were to get pregnant with a trip planned, THAT might change things. After all, there would be the plane trip to consider and I probably couldn’t ride many of my favorite rides once I got there.

But taking an infant to the World? We’re so good at touring that taking a baby along doesn’t seem like it would be that hard.

Honestly, I don’t know why we’re arguing about things that don’t even matter yet. We are years from having children and we will have LOTS of trips ahead without having to think about taking kids along. There are more important things to fight about!


  1. We've had that Disney discussion. I just know we won't be able to do it at the same pace that we keep now. My SIL was there recently and wasn't going to take my nephew who is 10months. I thought it was a great time to just go & get his picture with characters while he's not scared. I did tell my husband that I wanted to go again before I got pregnant because if I am & we are there I can't ride my favorite rides!

  2. As a fellow WDW lover, I must say, I agree with your husband. Mostly because I just don't know how much a baby would get out of the trip (the ability to retain memories doesn't develop until around the age of two). I, personally, think it would be a lot of hassel for little reward.

    That being said, when the child turns 3? Time for Disney World!!!

  3. Oh the hypothetical fights. We have them too.

    What we really need to talk about is that outfit you're rocking in the picture. Is that early to mid-90s vintage? When I was that age I used to really want a fanny pack, but my mom wouldn't get me one because I already had a backpack. Mean, right? I would have been so jealous of the whole ensemble.

  4. I'm glad we aren't the only ones who have "discussions" like this. For some reason, we keep arguing about where our kids will go to daycare since I work about 45 minutes north of the city where we live and he works about an hour south of it. We, too, are years away from needing to decide this.

  5. ha! you're too cute! I love how you're already planning a trip to Disney for your someday-kiddos! And also, I love that you called it "the world." That's awesome! I want to go so badly! I've been to Land but never World.. Blerg. :)

  6. Ha - I freak out about every baby-related and want to overanalyze completely hypothetical situations (like OMG what are we going to do when our children get bullied, face peer pressure, want to get their ears pierced, etc.). My husband is more geared toward, "We'll deal with it when it happens."

    So you're not alone. :)