Saturday, July 9, 2011

THIS is the Way to Watch Baseball

Last night was my third Cardinals game in five days. After all, it’s baseball season!

Wednesday night, I had a work celebration at the stadium and I got a yummy cookies and cream Dippin’ Dots. Did you know they’re the ice cream of the future? They’ve had that same marketing slogan for about twenty years. Isn’t it the future yet?

Friday night, Husband and I were invited to the game against the Diamondbacks. We were told to enter through the third base gate, near the Stan Musial statue. Man, those are where the good seats are, we thought!  We had no idea what we were in for.

Here was our view:

Cardinals 2011-07-08

We even had the red, cushioned comfy seats! Although we weren’t in the very front section where you get food delivered to your seat, our tickets weren’t anything to shake a stick at! If these were the seats we always got, I would be at the ballpark EVERY home stand. What a view!

I even got another cookies and cream Dippin’ Dots. They’re just the best ice cream at the park!

Tomorrow, we are back at the ballpark with Husband and a few friends to enjoy a game from the bleachers on his birthday. I’m so excited! That means more Dippin’ Dots. :)


  1. We sat in those seats during a tour of the ballpark. That is definitely a great way to watch the game!

    I remember when dippin dots first came out! We first had them at Opryland when the amusement park was open!