Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Blogger on the Block

Did you know that my husband is a blogger? In addition to writing papers, studying the law and being an all-around awesome husband to a crazy event planner wife like moi. He had a great blog a few months ago, but the combined JD/MBA schedule he has been juggling since last May has really taken a toll on it. So, with the recent completion of his summer class schedule, and on his first extended break from school since beginning his graduate work in August 2009, he has five weeks to concentrate on what HE wants to work on. And his blog is top on the list!

Now, if you're interested in the silly, mundane or ridiculous stories you find here, then his blog is not for you. His new blog has a great new name, 7 Continents, 7 Days.

He's going to blog every day, and focus on one continent each day. He'll find a particular story from that continent and expand upon it, maybe offer additional reading, and of course, his unique take on the subject. This is such a perfect outlet for him. One of the reasons I love my husband is his global viewpoint. He speaks multiple languages, has lived abroad and wants to take our family abroad someday, and has such a passion for people who are different from us. He wants to know about their past and present and ideas for their future, and the knowledge he gains from them informs on his own life experience. It's fascinating to hear him talk about a particular article he found about the creation of a new country (did you know there's a new country in Africa?) or really understand the environmental issues facing a country halfway around the world (I really would like to visit Australia to learn about it in person, methinks).

I'm still wondering what stories he'll find about Antarctica, but I guess that's why we should check out the blog to find out!

So join him at 7 Continents, 7 Days and tell him I sent ya. :)


  1. So I don't actually have time to read his blog right now, but I wanted to say I'm bookmarking it for the week after next because that sounds like a FABULOUS concept for a blog! My ultimate "life list" item is a trip to Antarctica :)

  2. Oh how awesome, I'll definitely go check him out! Great idea for a blog!