Monday, July 4, 2011

A Holiday Weekend in Bullet Points and iPhone Pictures

This weekend, we headed down to Table Rock Lake to spend some time with friends M and K, our Sunday night dinner friends. Another couple joined us at M’s parents’ lake house. Three of us brought our fancy DSLRs, and I was determined to get some great pictures of the fireworks, the lake and friends. You know what they say about the best laid plans..

This weekend, we…

  • Hit lots of traffic on the way out of St. Louis, on the way to Branson. I hate traffic.
  • Ended up meeting our friends at Lamberts’ Cafe in Springfield, about an hour from the lake house. It was my first time and I was *SO* excited to get rolls thrown at my head!

Lamberts drink

  • Were served the biggest drink I have ever seen at a restaurant at Lamberts. It sure does cut down on the refill runs that the waitress has to make!
  • Made a Saturday morning trek to Silver Dollar City in Branson. SO much fun!



  • Did not eat the mountain cookies that were as big as my head at SDC that morning. We ate a cinnamon roll as big as my head instead.

SDC mountain cookies

  • Purchased SDC season tickets for cheaper than a one-day ticket, so we can go back with my family in our trip in August. I’m very excited about this. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend a hot summer day in a place like this, with lots of trees?

 SDC lantern

  • Tried on lots of silly hats, and Husband was looking away when I caught this one. :)

Husband silly hat

  • Spent Saturday afternoon spelunking. Well, sort of. As much spelunking as one can do underneath a theme park. The views in Marvel Cave were gorgeous.

 Marvel Cave

  • Were able to get a good iPhone picture of me and husband, and he’s actually smiling! This one might be bumped up to Facebook profile picture status.

Me and Husband

  • Went out on the boat on Sunday morning and the jet skiis too.
  • Ended up in the hospital Sunday afternoon with a friend after a jet skiing accident. Surgery is definitely necessary and we’re just praying at this point that it’s not as bad as they say it is. They have said that she had a clean fracture of the pelvis, so yeah, it’s kind of scary. The jet ski went into a wave and then immediately into another big wave, and they lost control, causing the two riders to go up and over the jet ski and hit the water pretty hard. Sunday afternoon was a scary time at the lake house, waiting to hear how she was. If you’re the praying type, please pray. We need all the good thoughts we can get!
  • Drove back to St. Louis on Monday afternoon after spending the day at the hospital with our friends. Literally, it was the longest three hour drive in the world. Ugh.
  • Will not end up doing vacation laundry tonight because I’m exhausted. So there.

So here’s to a four day week ahead, ending in Husband’s 27th birthday!  

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