Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Try to Be Organized, I Really, Really, REALLY Do!

old iron safe


Do you ever put something away in a particular place because you don’t want to lose it, and if you put it in that particular place, you can’t POSSIBLY forget that you put it there?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s where our safe deposit box key is. Hiding somewhere – probably where *I* put it to keep it safe.

No, it’s not in Husband’s sock drawer (where I’m told ALL men keep important things, Husband and my father are evidence of this one).

No, it’s not in any one of the MULTIPLE bags that I use to shuttle to-do items between home and the office.

No, it’s not in the hanging mail organizing by the staircase. Not in any one of the pockets in that organizer.

No, it’s not in my car.

No, it’s not in the important file box.

And it’s not in any one of the random piles of things around the house.

I have prayed to St. Anthony [patron saint of misplaced things], I have prayed to St. Jude [patron saint of lost causes] and I have cursed to high heavens when I.just.can’

After learning of the $150 re-keying fee imposed by my bank, I must ask you, O Internet…

WHERE is my safe deposit box key?!


  1. Did you hide it in a shoe? Your jewelry box?

  2. That reminds me... we need to get a safe deposit box. Have you checked desk drawers, trinket box, place where you keep your keys, freezer, and under your mattress?

  3. It's hiding with the gift I bought my sister in Ireland 14 months ago. Really, these things walk away in the night. We can't be blamed.

  4. I hate when I put things in a safe place and then lose them! I did that with a hummingbird feeder from a friend. I found it when I was cleaning!