Monday, January 16, 2012

A Long Weekend to Visit a College Roommate

This weekend, I reconnected with my college roommate, CR for short, and had an absolute blast falling in love with her two year old son. Oh my goodness. He was adorable! We hung out, ate, and hung out some more. It was just wonderful.

CR is married to a friend of mine from high school, so reconnecting them was sooo much fun! I hadn’t seen CR since before she got pregnant with her little one, so it was definitely time. And with husband gone, it was great timing, too!

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (3)

I love plane snacks and drinks. Bloody Mary for the win!

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (7)

Such is a euphemism in DC for speed bumps. Made me laugh so hard I had to take a picture!

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (11)

Apparently, parking is kind of tough in DC but they have an app for paying for that parking! What a brilliant idea. I wish St. Louis would pick up on this idea.

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (22)

The National Building Museum was our stop for Saturday afternoon. I walked inside and as an event planner, basically started planning events for this space. Oh my goodness – it was BEAUTIFUL! A wedding or gala or concert, the possibilities were endless. The area is carpeted and there was a big fountain in the middle surrounded by a tile surround and plants to keep the kids from jumping in the water.

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (20)

These columns went up forever, but realistically, it was probably five stories.

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (18)

You could probably seat at least 600-700 people in this space. It was huge! and gorgeous.

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (37)

There was a lego exhibit upstairs and CR’s son really got a kick out of playing with the blocks. We built all kinds of houses! Another part of the exhibit were displays of buildings, houses and the Gateway Arch made of legos! This one apparently took over 100 hours to design (without the aid of a computer) and over 200 hours to assemble. It even had the little windows at the top, just like the real one!

MLK Weekend 2012 in DC (54)

My favorite family portrait from the weekend – aren’t they cute!

Oh DC, even though you were FREEZING and I didn’t get down to Paul’s Bakery and only hit one museum, we will definitely be back again to continue all that sight seeing. We had so much fun on this short weekend on a mini vacation.

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  1. Sorry our weather didn't cooperate, but I'm glad you were able to have fun anyway.

    For the record, I looked into the National Building Museum for my wedding. Rental rates START at $16,000 and that doesn't include catering or rentals.