Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Round Up

Play List:
  • Barrister's Ball! We had SO much fun this weekend! I'll post some of the pictures later this week.
  • Lunch with the in-laws. Cracker Barrel and I have an unhealthy relationship - I eat waaaaaay too much when I go there.
  • Project Life. I actually printed some of my pictures and journaled for the first two weeks of January. I am LOVING this process.
To Finish:
  • Errands. The oil is changed in the Camry, the Ion is picked up from the body shop after the accident, PLUS my gold watch was resized by my favorite jeweler - they even did it for free! I thought that was awfully nice of them.
  • Master bedroom clean up. I really need to clean up more often, because wow. When the room is clean, I feel SO much better about it! I love my new clean room.

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