Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Round Up

I feel like I was really productive this weekend, and I think some credit has to go to my Finish it Friday post. It helped me stay accountable on the things I said I wanted to accomplish this weekend!

To Do List

  • Get the Camry's oil changed. Husband asked me to do this the day he left for France, since it's VERY overdue. Whoops! 

Yup, got this one done on Saturday morning. But I made the mistake of asking them to run the code and see why the check engine light was on. And they told me. Something about fuel vapors and it needing more diagnostic testing. And oh yeah, it won’t pass inspection without it, and a fix in the tail lights that were out, and oh did I notice a knot in the back tire? I guess we’ll have to dump some money in that car too in the next few months.

  • Take our Samsonite roll-aboard suitcase fixed - the wheel fell off and it doesn't so much "roll" anymore.

Turns out that the repair place doesn’t stock the particular wheel and I have to call Samsonite and get the part shipped to us. THEN he can fix it for about $20. Wish me luck in trying to get a part for free out of that ridiculous company.

  • Put away clean laundry from the vacation clean up, fold Husband's clothes that are still out from the France packing escapade weeks ago and switch the master bedroom sheets for clean ones.

This one is partly accomplished – laundry is put away and sheets are clean. I couldn’t bring myself to deal with the other piles of clothes. Oh well. There’s always next weekend!

Play List

Oh my. What more could a girl want on a Sunday afternoon, but chocolate paired with wine? It was SO much fun!


  • Print my first few weeks of the Project Life daily pictures and journal.

I wish I could say I got these printed. But alas, I was having issues with the website to upload pictures and I really wanted to use CVS and apparently, I put in my order too late and they can’t be done until tomorrow. So I think I may end up waiting until next week and do most of the month then.

I think I was most certainly productive this weekend!

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  1. I love the concept of following up on your weekend to-do list with a blog post. You certainly did have a productive weekend!