Monday, August 22, 2011

And God Blessed the Broken Road, Part 4

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Now that future-husband and I had reconnected after poster-ing a Bread Company, we were now chatting on Facebook every few days.

But we had a show that was opening shortly and there was lots going on with that. I was a senior, and had an internship at a local professional theatre. Big things were happening and a boy really wasn’t in the cards.

Even more than being busy as a senior, I was going to audition to be a walk-around character at Disney or maybe be a cruise director and see the world. I was graduating in the spring and wanted to set myself up to hit the ground running when that happened. There didn’t seem to be any time for dating.

So when future-husband suggested we go have coffee, I thought that would be nice. He was such a cute guy and he seemed really interested. But then again, I was really busy. I ended up saying saying yes and we set up a time to meet at the student union to grab a cup of coffee.

Future-husband claims that I stood him up three times but it totally wasn’t the case. Like I said, I was busy! And I honestly thought “grabbing coffee sometime” wasn’t a date. Would you have thought it was a date? I didn’t think so.

He would email me and set up a time, and then I would call him as we got closer and say that I couldn’t make it because there was another monologue to rehearse or something had to be done for the professional theatre’s street team.

Finally, we connected at the student union. Third time’s the charm, right? I showed up at the place we were agreed to meet and he was so cute sitting there, with his backpack and spiked up hair.

We headed up to the coffee shop, but halfway up, I asked him if he was hungry. Turns out he hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and neither had I. So the only logical solution was to get dinner rather than coffee. Which is exactly what we did.

To be continued…

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