Friday, August 26, 2011

Teacup Anything Sounds Good To Me!

Husband did something he really shouldn’t have done this morning – he showed me the following picture:


In retrospect, I’m sure he thought I would love it. Puppies? Check. Small puppies? Check. Bows in their hair? Check. But really, didn’t he know that I would immediately expect him to run and find me one of these adorable little pups?

It’s besides the point that we can’t have dogs in the apartment. Or that we don’t have the money to properly outfit a little pup in cute little bows or outfits befitting her adorable nature. Or that we spend more time at work and in the car between events than we do at home, and therefore, would leave our little Gizmo at home for too many hours a day to be fair. And yes, Gizmo is the name of our future dog, whomever he/she might be. I saw the name in a Google search and fell in love with it! So it shall be.

So this is what I share with you on a Friday afternoon. Love in the form of a tiny little furry pup. Don’t I need one to be complete?


  1. Holy cuteness!!! You may not need a puppy to feel complete, but you'll love life with a dog! There's just nothing like a dog's unconditional love. :-)

  2. Ha! That's what my little pup looked like when he was little. But never get a teacup anything! There is no such "breed" - rather the breeders are just breeding runts and they are prone to major health problems. I wish I had known that before I bought my yorkie. But yorkies are a great breed!