Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Organizing My Basement Storage Room Almost Killed Me and My Husband – But It Was Worth It

Saturday morning…

10:18 am – Husband comes in, pokes me, tells me it’s time to wake up, that’s it past 10 am. I slept in after staying out late on Friday night for a work event.

10:26 am – Managed to drag ourselves out of the house and into the car for a quick donut run. Decide on one dozen in order to get us through the cleaning weekend.

11:12 am – First fight of the day. It revolves around the question of what someone means when they offer an item up for either the trash or donation pile. We resolve this and move forward. I won’t say who won it, because I’m pretty sure it might bring up the fight again.

2 pm – It’s time for a break. There was a donation run as well as a snack at QT. Do you know how awesome those fountain vanilla cokes are? They’re my addiction lately.

4:52 pm – The doorbell knocks as we are just starting to place boxes back where they go. There’s lots of extra room and we have combined many boxes. I’m feeling good! I go upstairs and who is standing there but the Sunday night dinner crew. We spent that night drinking and playing video games. It was an awesome diversion.

Sunday morning…

10:45 am – We woke up late. It was a late night driving home after playing games. :) But we get moving and finish going through boxes and finding new ways to stack all the boxes we were keeping.

2:03 pm – Husband and I stand back, and admire our work. We have lots of room for a laundry folding table, Husband’s tools and even an organized corner for luggage next to the deep freeze.

5 boxes and a few random things to Goodwill… 15 bags to the trash… and an entire pile of empty moving boxes that need to be broken down to be recycled. It is awfully impressive. I’m so happy – I even want to fold laundry in there! It is so true that if you like the spaces in your house, you’ll stop avoiding chores there. When we get the next house with a real laundry room instead of space in the basement, I’m definitely going to be decorating it to make me happy there too!


I wish I could show you pictures, but unfortunately, my iPhone took a nose dive this morning and the replacement I got today didn’t allow me to back it up beforehand. Plus, taking pictures in a basement is just so boring. And hard to really show what it looks like. So there’s just my little narrative!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations on finishing such a big job. I love decluttering and reorganizing.