Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Fall Wreath

I am so very proud of myself – I put forward a goal and met it in less than a month!

Now, granted the goal was to make a wreath via inspiration on Pinterest, but it’s the little things in life, right?

Yesterday after work, I got the urge to craft. I saw Katie’s cute yarn wreath at Loves of Life and it pushed me to get off my butt and head to the craft store after I finished for the day. The Joanne’s Fabric store that used to be right near our house had recently moved and I hadn’t had the change to check it out yet! So this was the perfect opportunity.

I started with a grapevine base (rather than a foam core as in the inspiration tutorial), a few bunches of fall flowers,  another few sets of foliage decoration, brown wire to tie pieces together and a glue gun.

Here’s what we started out with:IMG_2467

  • One grapevine wreath (preferably purchased with a 40% off coupon!)
  • Many bundles of fall foliage, all 40% off
  • Other fall accessories, at 40% off – those are the spiky things with the white nubs on them. More on that to come
  • Wire strands to help affix the leaves to the wreath
  • Glue gun and glue gun refills, just in case the wire strands don’t hold things on

So after preparing my supplies, and my glass of wine, and setting Netflix to play the next episode of Friday Night Lights (yes, I’m addicted), I got down to business.

I removed all the leaves from the stems that connected them together in a bundle. I ended up using three of them in total. There were lots of leaves everywhere on the coffee table!


Once I had all the leaves separated, I began to arrange them on the grapevine wreath. No rhyme or reason, just started adding the leaves willy nilly.


I kept going around and around, adding leaves in places that seemed empty.


When all the leaves seemed to be happy where they were, I went over each of them and bent back their stem around the grapevine, to make sure they would be held in place. Then, I picked it up and gave it a little shake, to be sure everything was still ok.

The last touch was thanks to my husband. Remember those little white nubs? I grabbed four bunches and arranged them at the bottom to look like a finishing bow! I stuck those into the grapevine just like the leaves.


The finished product…


My brand new wreath on my six panel door! I was excited when the property manager replaced our falling apart door with a fancy one like this – not everyone in the place gets one! But you can see why I needed a wreath. It needs some color on that door! What you don’t see, because I didn’t want it in my pictures, is the drain spout that is immediately to the right of the door. It’s ugly and I dislike it. So there.

Here are some more details…


The white nub things at the bottom really set it off, I think!


I am so happy with the way this turned out. Coming home from work tonight and having this greet me before I come inside made me grin from ear to ear. I love having some color on my door!


Now I’m determined to have a wreath on the front door for every season – I think I already have my inspiration picture for a Christmas one!


  1. What a beautiful wreath! It's prettier than any that you could buy at the store (and, I'm sure, more budget friendly)!

  2. Ooooh Jess, you did a GREAT job. It's super cute.