Sunday, August 21, 2011

Apparently, I Am An Old Lady



This weekend showed me the epitome of my old lady-ness as of late.

Example A: staffing a work event on Friday evening at the local science museum with over 380 people in attendance and cooing over one of my volunteer’s most darling two month old baby! I spent a lot of the event cuddling her. Made my uterus ache something fierce.

Example B: going to bed early after previously described work event on Friday night. I’ve always been exhausted after a work week, but I spent three days on vacation this week in Branson with the family. I shouldn’t be that tired after two days of work!

Example C: waking up early on Saturday morning to run with my husband. And not being able to get through the Couch to 5K program, even though I was doing the third week of it on the treadmill a few months ago. Working out is definitely in the sucking position right now.

Example D: eye exam and shopping at Costco after our run. What a Saturday morning

Example E: picking up a bottle of Arbor Mist for the party with the law school kids that Saturday night, rather than drinking their Bud Light

Example F: after drinking that bottle of Arbor Mist at the hours-long party, needing to nap in one of the bedrooms while Husband continued to hang out with his friends

No, ladies and gents, I am not proud of that last one. Everyone apparently kept asking where I was and Husband explained that I had a bit too much to drink and had to sleep it off. An hour after I laid down, he came in to take me home. All the kids were asking if “Mrs. L” was ok – they call me by my full name for some strange reason. It was sort of awful.

The next time Husband wants to go out with the law school kids, we are definitely taking two cars so I can put my old lady self to bed at a reasonable hour. Because that was ridiculous.


  1. Ha! I'm sorry!!! A bottle of wine would make it sleepy-time for me too. :-)

  2. Oh honey, you're silly! I'm sure everything was fine. I've definitely needed a power nap at a party before. We are old! :) Ok, so maybe I'm just old. My husband and I had dinner reservations for 9:00 Friday night and we both needed a nap before dinner b/c we weren't sure if we could stay up that late!