Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Oh Wednesdays. You’re here again? As my coach from the lunch room in junior year of high school used to say, “Wednesday, Hump Day, working your way to the weekend!” I always thought it was strange that he was talking about a hump day to a bunch of {AHEM} excitable teenagers.

In any case, it’s Wednesday again. The days are much longer when one wakes up at 6 am to either walk or run, in preparation for a 5K in October.


So in that trying to lose weight and run thing, I’m also using LoseIt on the iPhone to track my calories. I’m loving it when I add that walk/run in the morning and it boosts up my calorie allowance for the day! It’s the best feeling to know I can splurge on another snack.


Eight days and counting to the wonderful birthday trip to Walt Disney World that my husband I planned for Labor Day weekend. As I told someone at work this week, I’m going to be insufferable on my half-day of work next Thursday. It’s getting to be thisclose to the vacation and I cannot wait!



During this crazy hot summer, I’ve been addicted to my Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. Mixed with some milk makes a great morning drink. I was sad this week when I ran out of it – I have to run by Target to restock!



Chocolate peanut butter fudge from a craft mall in Branson, MO. Fudge in tourist-type places is just so much better than anywhere else. While we were on vacation last week, I picked up a half pound of peanut butter fudge swirled with chocolate. It’s not helping my diet so much but it is SO good. And seeing as it’s not Husband’s favorite flavor, I pretty much have it to myself. I’ll be happy/sad when it’s gone!

What are you loving this lovely Wednesday?

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  1. Oooh that fudge looks so yummy!

    How is the training going?