Monday, February 1, 2010

This Week in Law School: Getting Back to Basics

After a nice long Christmas vacation, Husband had two weeks of classes and then the Barrister Ball, so really, he hasn't had time to concentrate on school this semester.

This past weekend he buckled down and really spent some time in the law library to review his notes and get a head start on the week. I'm so proud of him, because he got about a third of his work done for the whole week, plus reviewing last week!

He's determined to really keep on top of work this semester, so I guess that means I'll be a single woman again - he'll be studying so much that most of the housework falls to me. At least I can spend some good time with my Google Reader! I've been crazy busy at work the past few days with a big event, and my blog reading has suffered. I hope to get that "1000+" number down in the coming week.

So it just goes to show you that every semester is a new beginning and allows you to start over! Even though some of your classes continue... hmm.

Husband will finish his 1L year and then start his MBA in May. Different school, but same game! Should be nice for the variety, though.


  1. You are such a great supportive wife! He is lucky to have someone who stands behind him through all of this school. :)

  2. Wow! I am always so impressed by scrapbookers. It takes way more patience, creativity, and diligence than I have!

    Very cool.